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Cat’s Eye Pawssessment SM
Tour of Space

-An Exclusive Personalized Service-

v     Are you aware of the hidden dangers lurking in your particular home? Not all cats will seek these out but wouldn’t you want to be better prepared if your cat shows interest?

v     Do you understand what makes possessions and areas vulnerable to you and your cat and what you can do to secure them?

v     Is your cat adventurous or just curious? Is his high risk behavior putting his safety at risk?

v     Do you know how you can create a cat safe environment for your feline baby as he explores and matures?

v     Do you understand “catspeak” when your cat is trying to tell you something or are you misinterpreting the signs and creating frustration for you and your cat?

v     Can you distinguish between the negative behaviors and the safety issues? Will your response be appropriate to the action? 

I’ll use my keen eye, as a Certified Professional Organizer®, to focus on your cat’s eye view. I’ll go through your home and assess all the “hot spots” so you are ready when your kitten springs into action. I’ll show you how to think like a cat so you can outmaneuver yours!

 Your Cat’s Eye Pawssessment SM will include:

(2) Hour Tour of Space- A Room By Room Cat Safe Review


*    "Hot Spot" checklist so you are prepared and not surprised by your cat's risky antics now and in the future.

*    Kitty-Proof-Kit™ We'll go over all the items in it as well as demonstrate some on site tips so you can take control as soon as possible.

*    Suggestions for supplemental items/products for a customized plan to meet your cat's special needs.

*    Unlimited calls/emails if you have questions. (A client is always a client!)

*    Cost: $300

It’s an eye opening experience for a new cat owner or someone who hasn’t had a kitten underfoot for many years. 

If you are in the NJ/NY area and would like a personal Pawssessment SM or would like to give one as a special gift*, contact Fern Silvernagel at 201-592-1091 or email to set up an appointment.


Note: Gift certificates are not refundable but are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


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