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Just when you think you know all you need to know about having cats, you discover things you didn’t know you didn’t know! So began a new chapter in this pet parent’s cat story. 

The Kitty-Proof-Kit™ was developed as a direct result of my efforts to continually outmaneuver my two new clever kittens. Necessity became the mother of invention as I sought solutions to a host of cat challenges I had not faced previously with my other cats and for which there were no real answers. 

Scaling door frames was a favorite pastime of both kittens (still is) and a dangerous one, especially when the door swings precariously close to a lighting fixture. After bending my wall clock’s handles, I knew the tiffany-style dome light cover was next on their hit parade. I tried using sticky adhesives and sprinkling cayenne pepper on the top of the door frame, but these were just not effective deterrents.   

Protecting my personal property was also high on my priorities. Access to my bedroom closet already produced a shredded vest and a dislodged shelf. Access to a bathroom cabinet (which no longer locked) became easy pickings for makeup and small bottles which my boys promptly turned into hockey pucks. Surfaces which served as springboards to other areas suddenly took on new interest as they grew in size. The kitchen counter and the adjacent stove were accidents waiting to happen.

Costs Incurred Until Remedies Were Found!

$39 Replacement clock with plastic cover (glass was not an option!)

Replacement dehumidifier with control panels on the side vs. on top of the unit (so the machine wouldn't shut off every time one of the cats jumped on it.)
$25 Vest repair
Repair fee to replace several panels of a tiffany-style floor lamp which was overturned because it just proved to be too irresistible.
Replacement lamp for the tiffany-style floor lamp because it was just too fragile to survive all the interest.
Replacement living room table lamp. Although I found a lamp base that was indestructible, I'm still looking for a lamp shade with staying power.
$90 Replacement of broken picture frame

Replacement kitchen cabinet handles. Previous one had sharp edges and were dangerous when the dynamic duo frolic on top of the refrigerator
a favorite hangout).
Replacement surge protector because they keep stepping on the on/off switch.



Baby sling pouch. Actually this was an indulgence! One of my cats likes to be held a lot, although technically both fight over who gets to be in it.
The store clerk shot me a bemused look when I told him it was for a cat. These slings also exist in pet catalogs.

Only an animal lover can truly understand the depths (and costs) an owner will go to for the sake of their feline babies. For those of you about to get a new kitten, don’t let my extreme situation deter you. Cats are a priceless addition to your life! 

My Siamese boys are not destructive by nature, but I confess a lot of things fall, break or shatter in their playful wakes. While my original goal was to put a stop to certain behaviors, it became clear that I was loosing the war. New tactical maneuvers needed to be put into place and compromise was necessary to revise the plan. It dawned on me that certain actions were going to occur whether I wanted them to or not and whether I was or was not home to witness them. Safety became the primary objective. This was a battle I was determined to win. That was when I decided if their intent was to do the crazy door walk, I would let them, but I could make it safer. A surprising calm came over me as I re-evaluated this new position in my line of defense. 

As a Certified Professional Organizer®, I know that changing habits too radically doesn’t work. Providing customized solutions which address the modification of existing habits is more long lasting. Applying this methodology to my guys became an interesting experiment. This kit puts together what I had systematically learned by trial and error, years of being a cat parent, cat training techniques, cat psychology, and now, my work as an organizer. It’s an organized approach to dealing with some general problems you may encounter with a new, adventurous kitten who is exploring his environment. 

As you learn about your cat’s quirky habits, you will be better prepared to deal with the hidden dangers they may present, be better able to anticipate future actions and save some money notwithstanding. The takeaway here is if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (so to speak!). In other words, if you can’t prevent a behavior, find a way for it to proceed safely and adopt a workaround compromise. Be creative in your approach and reward desired actions. You will also learn the less you are bothered by an action, the less your cat will do it. Hmm, strange how that works! 

This kit is meant to supplement the instructions given to you by shelters, pet store staffers or breeders and picks up after all the essentials are in place. It addresses the “what do I do now” part of being a pet parent!   

Meiko and Chula’s antics have led me down some new paths. I am grateful for the knowledge I’ve been able to learn on this journey. While I’ve always been able to read cats, these boys are continually teaching me new things in “catspeak”! 

But as I write this, something just crashed in the other room. Now that can’t be good!

Fern Silvernagel

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